Hardlock security keys (parallel/USB) end of life support.

Parallel and serial Hardlock dongles will reach end of life support on 23rd May 2023.

JETCAM has been shipping Hardlock dongles (branded as Sentinel or Gemalto) in several formats for over 30 years. Thales, the manufacturer of this technology, has announced end of life support by 23rd May 2023. JETCAM will also no longer support these security types from this date.

If you have a problem before 23rd May 2023

If you have a technical support issue related to hardlock dongles before the above date, JETCAM or your reseller will endeavour to resolve it with you. Many issues can be simple network/firewall/antivirus permissions or incorrect drivers being used. If the issue appears to be a possible incompatibility between the Hardlock drivers and current OS, then you will need to update your product to the latest version and purchase a replacement LDK USB or soft license.

If you have a problem on/after 23rd May 2023

No support will be offered. You will need to update to the latest version of whichever product is being used and purchase a replacement LDK USB or soft license.

Note that you will need to have a current maintenance contract in place to receive technical support and the latest version of JETCAM software from JETCAM or any of our resellers.

Contact your JETCAM reseller to find out more.

Hardlock dongle end of life Parallel hardlock dongle end of life