Maintenance Contract

JETCAM maintenance is designed to ensure that users get the highest possible productivity out of their software investment, and includes:

  • Telephone and online support from your system provider
  • New user releases, incorporating the latest automation features and other technical advances as well as interim releases in the case where these solve a particular customer problem. (May exclude updates to 3rd party licensed elements).
  • Access to the Download Wizard and JETCAM University, allowing download of the latest releases and access to online video tutorials.
  • Ability to run free third party add-ins, such as QuickCost and CAD interface APIs
  • The ability to submit new feature requests and also issue reports that will be entered into the JETCAM enhancement and correction schedule
  • The ability to upgrade an existing license to a higher base product by receiving full trade-in value for their current product (e.g. only pay the difference between versions, regardless of when the initial license was purchased)
  • Option to to purchase additional features and options at a later date with guaranteed compatibility. This is an important benefit as new postprocessors and options will not work with older versions of software due to their constant development.

JETCAM strongly recommends users to participate in the Maintenance Programme.

New: Save 5% on your annual maintenance with autorenew

You can now save 5% on your annual maintenance renewal simply by signing up for auto-renew. Once enabled you'll automatically receive the discount each year. After the second year you can cancel at any time.

You can use the form below to request a quote for maintenance. Please complete ALL fields as we cannot process your request without the information. Once received your reseller will contact you shortly.

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