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Q. What is the Download Wizard?

A. This is where we release all software, help files, tutorial videos, CAD interfaces etc.

Q. What is the JETCAM University

A. This is an online video tutorial library of all core JETCAM products. You access this with the same username and password as the Download Wizard. Watch a video about it here.

Q. Who is allowed to access it?

A. All existing JETCAM customers and dealers.

Q. Am I allowed to download any files?

A. If you have a maintenance contract you will be able to download all relevant applications. If you do not have a maintenance contract you will still be able to download some files, such as F1 help and tutorial videos, but will not be able to download others such as new releases.

Q. I am looking for press images. Should I request an account?

A. No. We publish images along with each press release. Look in the left menu bar for available zip files of related images on each press release.

Q. I want a trial version. Can I get one here?

A. No. We do not provide trial versions, as you would need training in order to take full advantage of the powerful features of our products. Please contact a local reseller for a demonstration.

Q. I do not know my serial number

A. Unfortunately, without this information we will be unable to provide access to the Download Wizard. The serial number is visible on the dongle, or accessible through the software.