Nesting Software Savings Calculator

Estimate how much your software will save per year.

JETCAM nesting software can pay for itself very quickly in three key areas - material, machine and manpower. This simple calculator can provide an estimate of how quickly you can see a return on your software investment, based on a JETCAM nesting benchmark or your own estimations. Use the sliders to set your values.


1. Material efficiency

Enter your JETCAM nesting benchmark percentage or estimate.

: £


2. Programming time

: £ per hour.

: %

3. Machine runtime

Enter your machine runtime time reduction.

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Settings explained:

Material efficiency: JETCAM's High Performance Nesting can often yield double-digit savings. Select an annual material spend followed by the percentage saving provided by your JETCAM nesting benchmark. Alternatively, select an estimation to see possible savings.

Programming time: By automating processes such as CAD import, automatic tooling and nesting programming time can often be drastically reduced. This can free up staff for more proactive, productive tasks. Figures based on 40 hour week. Multiply hourly rate for multiple shifts.

Machine runtime: By using features such as common or fly cutting machine runtime can often be significantly improved. JETCAM Expert can provide runtime estimation* alongside NC code giving extra capacity with the same equipment. Figures based on 40 hour week. Multiply hourly rate for multiple shifts.

* Estimations rely on the accuracy of information input by the user and depend on the technology in use.

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